Food Production
& Distribution

Food Production & Distribution

Food Factory

In order to support our expansion in Hong Kong, the Group established a food factory in Fo Tan, Hong Kong in 2008. The Hong Kong Food Factory has an area of approximately 158,414 sq.ft., and is currently supporting all of our restaurants in Hong Kong

In 2016, to improve the standardisation and effectiveness of the operations in Mainland China, the Group commenced construction of the Mainland China Food Factory, which commenced operation in October 2018 and with an approximate gross floor area of 253,430 sq.ft.. It mainly produces cured meat, frozen products and canned milk tea. It is estimated that the Mainland China Food Factory is able to support about 200 restaurants in Mainland China and the production of certain products for our restaurants in Hong Kong

The Group’s Food Factories enable us to centralise our food ingredients and supplies purchasing, food processing, quality control of raw materials, semi-processed or processed food ingredients, as well as packaging, warehousing and distribution functions

Food Safety

The food processing functions currently assumed by the Food Factories primarily include preparing processed and semi-processed meat, noodles, bread and sauces, seasonings and spices used in dishes. Food safety and quality are the Group’s highest priorities, the Group applies the food safety and quality management principles embodied in various quality standards issued by the ISO in the Food Factories quality control system, and has quality assurance personnel implementing quality control policies and procedures

The siu mei production unit of Tai Hing Group’s Hong Kong Food Factory has obtained ISO 22000 accreditation for food safety and quality management system in 2013. The Group’s quality control team oversees quality control at each stage of food processing in accordance with the formulated food processing procedures and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standard to ensure food safety

Canned Products

The Group offers canned food and beverage products, including our signature Hong Kong-style milk tea, borsch soup, brasied pork with preserved vegetable, curry beef brisket, spiced pork cubes, meat sauce with mushroom, curry chicken and minced beef. These products are available for purchase at most of our Tai Hing Restaurants, some supermarkets, convenient stores and online platforms. Before the establishment of our Mainland China Food Factory in 2018, we engaged an independent third party manufacturer to produce our canned products. Recently, we have commenced the production of some of our canned products in our Mainland China Food Factory

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