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When and where was Tai Hing founded?
Tai Hing was founded in 1989. Mr. Chan Wing On and Mr. Yuen Chin Ming opened the first restaurant under “Tai Hing” brand in Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong.
What is the principle business of Tai Hing?
For Tai Hing’s business, please refer to Business Overview.
Who are the members of Tai Hing’s board of directors?
Executive Directors:

Mr. Chan Wing On (Chairman)
Mr. Yuen Chi Ming
Ms. Chan Shuk Fong

Non-Executive Director:

Mr. Ho Ping Kee

Independent Non-Executive Directors:

Mr. Mak Ping Leung (alias: Mak Wah Cheung)
Mr. Wong Shiu Hoi Peter
Dr. Sat Chui Wan

How can I reach the Investor Relations Department?
Please refer to Investor Information on the website.
When will Tai Hing’s annual general meeting be held?
The annual general meeting of Tai Hing is usually held in May or June each year.
Who is Tai Hing’s independent auditor?
Tai Hing’s independent auditor is Ernst & Young.
How to contact the share registrar and transfer office of Tai Hing?

Tricor Investor Services Limited

Address: 17/F, Far East Finance Centre, 16 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2980 1333


On which stock exchange are Tai Hing's shares traded and what is the stock code?
Tai Hing’s shares are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the stock code 6811.
When was Tai Hing's initial public offering and at what price?
Tai Hing was listed on Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 13 June 2019 at a price of HK$3.
What is Tai Hing's dividend policy?
Tai Hing currently aims to pay a total dividend in respect of each financial year of not less than 30% of the Group’s distributable profits for that financial year, subject to the Companies Laws, the Articles of Association, and any other applicable laws and regulations, as well as factors and considerations set out below. The Directors may recommend a payment of dividend in the future after taking into account the operations, earnings, financial condition, cash requirements and availability, capital expenditure and future development requirements and other factors as it may deem relevant at such time. Any future declarations of dividends may or may not reflect its historical declarations of dividends and will be at the absolute discretion of our Directors.
What is Tai Hing’s dividend history?
Please refer to Dividend History on the website.
What is Tai Hing’s fiscal year and corresponding results announcement date?
Tai Hing’s' financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. In the past few years, we announced interim results in August and annual results in March.
Where can I get the information on Tai Hing’s latest financial performance?
Please refer to Financial Reports and Announcements on the website.
How do I get a copy of Tai Hing’s Annual Report or Interim Report?
Please refer to Financial Reports on the website for the online version of the annual and interim reports. If you require a printed version, please send us a request by email to