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Subsidiary Brands

Tori Yoichi

Occupying a small, cosy spot in Central, Tori Yoichi is a hidden gem for yakitori and sake enthusiasts. With over 30 years Japanese dining experience, our chef is famous for using seasonal ingredients into different dishes. Omakase is a must try experience in Tori Yoichi. The whole restaurant is set around an open yakitori station, where customers can mingle and interact with the chef. Limited and cosy setting makes this small restaurant a perfect place for private parties and drinking. Tori Yoichi offers a wide selection of chicken parts, ranging from those you are familiar with to those you rarely heard about. Keeping the authentic spirit of yakitori in Japan, you can expect to spend a memorable night with us, pampered by the seamless service offered by our team and the people you may come across in the restaurant.

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  • Central

    • 2311 1030

    • Shop C, No.174-178, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong